About Pan

Pan Morigan, dual citizen of Canada and the U.S., is an award-winning vocalist, songwriter, composer, and producer. She is music director of the innovative and award-winning Chrysalis Theater Company. Pan is known for her silvery, wide-ranging voice and passionate stage presence. Her genre-defying songs are influenced by the stormy skies and wild lakes of the Midwest where she was raised, and the experience of growing up in a city full of immigrants and seekers whose music was everywhere to be heard, live.

Blues and Jazz, Irish, Greek, Persian, and Scottish music were all part of the musical landscape. Friends held Irish sessions in their basements. Greek bands were heard in local clubs with room for traditional dancing between tables. Pan’s father made instruments for folk musicians, and the sounds of American folk, Blues, classical music, and eastern sounds alike, were all heard in the kitchen. Most important, Pan learned that music had no boundaries and could not be fenced in. She calls her songs ‘music of the imagination.’

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Pan Morigan, as a member of Chrysalis Theater, 
has gratefully received support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.